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Seas Young Limited is a leading company with core businesses in property, transportation, hospitality and investment sectors in HongKong and Macau.



Seas Young has a longstanding reputation in both the Hong Kong and Macau property scenes. In recent years, it has growing presence in the Greater China and Singapore real estate market. As a responsible developer, we are widely recognized for our exemplary quality and outstanding after-sales services. In addition to sales and leasing, we offer property management and lifestyle concierge benefits for residents.


Seas Young Limited possesses over 6 years of experience in property development and sales. It is the leading real estate developer in Macau as well as a major player in the Hong Kong property scene and is instrumental in conceiving many benchmark developments. Over recent years, the company has strategically expanded its investment portfolio in China and Singapore.

Sales & Lease

Seas Young is responsible for the marketing and, office and residential properties in Hong Kong & Macau. With excellent experience and in-depth knowledge, our aim is to enhance value to the properties and to provide one-stop asset management services for all kind of properties. Our clients can rely on our professional service and offload from the day-to-day burdens of tenancy affairs while maximizing their rental income with better peace of mind.

Property Management

Established in 2015, Seas Young Limited is the first property management company to serve both Hong Kong and Macau and be awarded the internationally recognized quality management certificate ISO 9001 by the HKQAA.

Our existing management portfolio comprises residential and commercial properties in Hong Kong and Macau spanning over 2 million sq. ft. of floor space. Combining the professional knowledge of over 50 employees, Seas Young has distinguished itself through the provision of unsurpassed services in multiple areas including reliable security services, professional cleaning, preventative maintenance and repair, project works, legal advice and financial management.

To further substantiate our offer of one-stop all-encompassing services to our clients, we provide extensive premier services such as value-adding home services, project management and asset management. Our tailor-made solution for each client is the key to receiving trust and patronage, which in turn helps sustain the company’s long-term growth.


With acute foresight, Seas Young has worked to spearhead a seamless cross-modal transportation network within the Pearl River Delta region since the start of the century. Today, it operates one of the strongest high speed jetfoil fleets in the world and a popular cross-boundary land transportation services, playing a lynch pin role in facilitating multimodal integration across the Greater Bay Area.

Seas Young has an operating fleet of 58 vehicles, providing local and cross-boundary coach services between various mainland cities and Macau. It is expanding in response to the broadening road network infrastructure being developed to open up the Greater Bay Area. A major step was the opening of the Hong Kong-Zhuhai-Macau Bridge (HZM Bridge) in October 2018. The Group and its joint venture partners now operate the Golden Bus shuttle bus service and cross-boundary coach service between Hong Kong and Macau across the Bridge.

Seas Young has been active in promoting the quality and extending coverage of its regional transportation offerings, developing new markets, and enhancing its services to match new trends and preferences among the travelling public. It has an unwavering commitment to enhancing regional integration and accessibility the Greater Bay Area.


With a solid foundation in Macau’s tourism business, Seas Young has evolved into a multi-faceted hospitality group running operations spanning hotels, entertainment attractions, travel consultancies, MICE and transportation. We offer a variety of unique adventure and team-building experiences through innovative products, along with hotel portfolio management and concept development services for F&B premises. Growing alongside the dynamic tourism industry, Seas Young is advantageously positioned to capture the wealth of opportunities in the rising of the hottest destination in Asia and elevate Macau’s hospitality scene to the next level.


Seas Young was a pioneer in introducing top-tier hotel services to Macau through its premium investments in the former Mandarin Oriental Macau and former Westin Resort Macau. Seas Young has a solid foothold in Macau’s hospitality landscape. It has also defined its presence in Hong Kong, Greater China and beyond.

In 2018, Seas Young offers hotel management solutions to hotel owners and developers, as well as manage its own portfolio of midscale, upscale and luxury hotel brands, characterized by unique Asian art and cultural offerings. This strategic expansion not only strengthens Seas Young presence in hotel services, but also seizes the extensive opportunities in the burgeoning Asian tourism landscape, especially for the increasingly affluent, discerning and mobile travelers in China.


At the pulse of dynamic growth across the Pearl River Delta, Seas Young Limited is investing in a balanced business portfolio with sharp acumen and prudent strategies in contribution to the region’s development.


Seas Young Limited owns diversified valuable investments in Macau and Hong Kong. It possesses an effective interest in Sociedade de Turismo e Diversões de Macau, S.A.

Retail Matters

Seas Young Limited established in 2015 to operate various retail facilities in Macau. It sets to provide lifestyle concepts and quality retail service platforms to shoppers and international brand names in the Macau market.

Cleaning & Laundry

Seas Young Limited is a recognized industry leader in commercial laundry services, primarily catering to Macau’s leisure and hospitality sectors.

We specialize in cleaning commercial house linens and uniforms. Our 5,000 square feet laundry plant employs up-to-date and environmentally friendly technologies and equipment that are monitored under strict quality control systems to deliver the high quality and fabric-safe services expected from our customers.

Clean Living offers premium dry-cleaning services to hotel and resort properties and their guests. We have direct access to the world’s most up-to-date fabric care technologies to treat even the most delicate of fabrics. We offer laundry and dry-cleaning tests on new linen and uniform samples for our clients, reporting on shrinkage, color fastness and fabric quality for our clients’ evaluation and cleaning options.

Seas Young Limited offers a comprehensive suite of property cleaning solutions tailored to today’s living and working environments. Our goal is to improve a property’s value and image, while offering clients cost-effective choices in cleaning and maintenance services. We are expert in environmental and hygiene care, pest control, waste management, specialist cleaning, stone materials care and maintenance and indoor air quality control. Applying the ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 and OHSAS 18001 standards, our operating systems ensure quality services underpinned by stringent processes, consistent management performance and quality measurement systems.


Work with Us

We believe that our key factors to success are matching the right person with the right job and providing an environment where our staff can excel in their performance.

We offer promising long-term prospects and competitive remuneration packages to suitable candidates. If you are interested in working with us, please browse through job vacancies.



The Signing Ceremony of Investment Cooperation and Technology Transfer between SEAS YOUNG LIMITED (HONG KONG) and WEIFENG TECHNOLOGY PTE. LTD. (SINGAPORE)

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